Six Signs That You Are In A Happy Relationship

A happy and healthy relationship can be one of the most positive influences in your life. Likewise, a toxic or unfulfilling relationship can chip away at your well-being. Below are six signs that you are in a happy relationship that builds you up instead of bringing you down.

1. You have shared interests. Common ground is important in a happy relationship. Planning dates and things to do together comes easy for couples who have similar definitions of “fun” and share hobbies, interests and favorite outings.

2. You are able to be yourself without fear of judgement. It is normal to feel a need to impress each other during the early stages of dating. But in a happy relationship, you feel comfortable being yourself around your partner at best escort agency Toronto. In a healthy relationship, you can admit when you are tired and would rather do takeout than fine dining.

3. Couples in a healthy relationship don’t have to want all the same things out of life, but should share common goals and key values. For a long-term relationship to bring lasting happiness to both partners there should be agreement about major lifestyle choices such as where to live and whether to have children.

4. You have kept the spark alive. Whether they have been in a relationship for six months or twenty years, couples in a happy relationship keep the fire burning. While of course this includes romantic attraction, it also means you and your partner laugh together, look forward to spending time with each other, and value each other’s talents and opinions.

5. You argue fairly and respectfully when disagreements do occur. It is extremely rare for two people to agree on everything. But when they do disagree, couples in a healthy relationship avoid making angry accusations or skirting around touchy topics. Instead, they communicate openly, seek to understand each other’s point of view, and compromise.

6. You are independent and happy even when not with your partner. Couples in a happy relationship don’t always feel the need to do everything together. Each partner also has their own interests and makes time to do things independently or with other friends and family. You should be able to trust your partner when you are apart and be excited about having experiences as individuals that you can talk about with each other later.